For funds.

Expand your funding base to retail investors.


Your new funding partner.


The retail investment market: huge and, previously, a whole lot of hassle. Now, further acts as an intermediary between the fund and the retail investor at every stage of the investment process, creating a new, patient form of capital for funds.


Through further, acquiring and managing retail investors is now easier than any other source of capital. 


Why partner with further?

1. Hands free investor onboarding and administration.

further will handle the full onboarding process directly with your fund administrator to process all new investors, arrange tax certificates (if applicable) and manage distributions at the end of the fund lifecycle. 

2. Single point of contact.

Have your money managed by professional investors with a proven track record of delivering returns. Analyse the current funds seeking investment and their respective track records here.

3. Reporting concerts addressed.

Keep sensitive information private. Full standard regular reports are expected only for investors who have committed over £50,000, with a higher level report possible for smaller investors. 

4. A sizeable source of additional capital.

The UK retail investment market is substantial, taking up £254bn of listed equities and even over £1bn for direct equity crowdfunding. Use retail investors as a route to diversify your funding and tap into the growing retail demand for alternative investments for smaller investors. 

Interested in joining?

If you want your fund to be featured on the further platform, 

please contact our funds team on